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IP Business Congress (IPBC) – India (February 28, 2017) at Mumbai, India

The Patent Agents Association – India is pleased to announce supporting the IP Business Congress – India to be held on February 28, 2017 at Mumbai, India and organized by Globe Business Media Group, the publisher of IAM (Intellectual Asset Management) magazine.

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This dedicated one-day event will take IPBC’s core themes of IP value creation and strategic IP management and discuss them from the viewpoint of both international and domestic companies operating in India.

The focus of the event is to bring together an audience of 150-200 senior attendees from Indian corporates, their counterparts at major multinationals, plus key players from government and the broader IP market for a packed day of high-level discussion, networking and business opportunities.

To ensure the maximum benefit for corporate attendees, the overall event delegate profile will be strictly controlled, with restrictions on the number of service provider attendees to ensure that, as with all IPBCs, the event remains completely industry led.

Benefits to PAAi members: An interested member may avail a minimum of 30% discount in the registration fee. You may write to for discount code.

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Brief Summary of the IPO-Stakeholders Meeting held on November 02, 2016 at New Delhi

The Stakeholders-IPO meeting was called by the Patent Office for receiving feedback/ suggestions directly from stakeholders. The Patent Agents Association – India (“PAAi”) submitted a list of concerns received from the Patent Agents. We are sharing below a brief summary of the points discussed in the meeting:
– Need of a helpdesk at the Indian Patent office. Every complain should have a complaint number and should be trackable

– Limit to uploading of documents in 8 MB currently. Need to increase it.

– Real time information fetching from PCT in case of national phase filing.

– Clarification with respect to what documents are needed to claim small entity status (in case the applicants is from foreign country)

– Filing receipts should be modified (name of the applicant should be there)

– Priority document should be directly procured by the IPO from the PCT ( in case of national phase filings)

– Section 8(1) and 8(2) were discussed. You are bounds to give information under section 8(1). Under 8(2) only when the controller asks.

– Date on Form 1 was discussed.

– Need for private pair in India (similar to US private pair)

– Timeline for checking formalities (should be before the FER – may be within 6 month of filing)

– Requirement for changes in FER format.

– Section 4 was discussed.

– Proof of right

– Clarification regarding postdating of applications was also sought

– Problem with respect to Examiners not acknowledging the latest response and issuing actions on the old claims was discussed.

– Adding of email addresses corresponding to old applications (as now OA are sent only on email)

On most of the points, CG asked them to email highlighting the cases where they are facing problems. Also, CG noted many of them and assured of working on them.

PAAi introduces premium contents for Ordinary Member and Institutional Member

PAAi is pleased to start producing premium contents (or members only content) for its Paid members (i.e Ordinary and Institutional Members). The contents would be accessible using login ID and password.